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young daughters were killed in a brutal home invasion attack. steven hayes is one of the two men accused. a state police detective testified hayes told him the plan was to rob a home but things got out of hand. jeff, there had been a delay because of the defendant's medical condition, right? >> yeah. steven hayes felt like he was having seizures, felt very light-headed, so they excused court last thursday. it was supposed to resume on monday, but the judge got sick and he was hospitalized. he's okay. the judge is back here today. court starts up again. yeah, some of the most gripping, compelling and graphic and awful testimony came from that state police detective who actually spoke with steven hayes after his arrest. he interrogated hayes. hayes, he says, came clean to him, telling him that he and his co-defendant -- the co-defendant will be tried next. steven hayes is being tried right now. they were having beers and shots together, just before they attacked this family. they were casing out the house, saw the basement door open. that's how they got in. at one point, i'm quoting here f
say these two men, steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky, were terrorizing the family, beating dr. petit with a baseball bat and tying him to this pole in the basement. his two daughters were tied to their beds upstairs. >> they told us they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back there with the money. she believes them. >> reporter: but prosecutors say once back home, jennifer petit was sexually assaulted and strangled. then officials say the suspects set the house on fire. the mother and her two daughters were killed. dr. william petit escaped. >> just tried to do the best i could for my family. >> reporter: this week he took the stand, describing in gripping detail his family's final moments. they tied my hands at the wrists and my feet at the ankles, he told the jury. he heard one of the suspects say if he moves, put two bullets in him. petit testified he could hear his wife and children being tortured in another section of the house. i heard them moaning and thumps. >> how emotional was it for you to be on the stand today? >> very emotional. >> reporter: in court an unusual str
serious topic as testimony continued in the trial of steven hayes, one of two men accused of the horrific 2007 connecticut hope invasion that left jennifer hawk pettitte and her two daughters dead. craig has the details. we will take a look at your piece, first. >> reporter: kimberly, the testimony in the steven hayes murder trial was so powerful it sent family members scurrying from the courtroom. you are a fox news legal analyst. how could someone do something like this to these little girls? pour gas across their bodies and set them ablaze. tell me about the testimony? >> horrible. i have been a prosecutor for many years and seen a lot of murders and those images never leave your brain but this one was just about the worst that i can imagine. >> text messages between murder suspects joshua and steven hayes plotting out the dangerous plan. the state fire marshall graphic description how gas was splashed across 11-year-old mikala's body and set ablaze while teetherred to a bed post and how her sister got up from the burning bed on fire when the restraints melted from the heat and then co
testified that he overheard this man, steven hayes, confess to another inmate. hayes is potentially facing the death penalty for his role in this crime. investigators say that back in 2007, he and an accomplice took an entire family of four hostage. we're told the suspect then tortured each and every, raped the mother and youngest daughter and set the house on fire, killing everyone but the father. laura ingle now live. >> the corrections officer talked about that confession that he overheard with steven hayes and in that confession, he told jurors that steven hayes when he he was talking to his inmate said he wasn't sure at first if he could go through with murdering the mother, jennifer. but he decided to go through with it when he looked outside and he saw the police cruisers just outside the window. that is more unbearable facts that were revealed in this case today which means that help was just a few feet away when all three females were alive before the mother was strangled and before that house was set on fire. >> shepard: that's the defense. both sides have rested. what now? >> th
of the brutal home invasion. earlier this week, he testified the men, steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky were strangers who threw him in the basement almost immediately. the suspects wanted to plead guilty in exchange for life sentences but dr. petit would not agree. since his family was killed, he has advocated to keep the death penalty in connecticut. >> what the defense is going to try to do is try to paint a picture, they're going to try to try to do is try to paint a picture, they're going to try to show him as somebody who has... not only has an ax to grind but has become somewhat of a vigilante crime protector and is wanting only to ensuring that the death penalty happened without looking at the crime as a whole. >> reporter: now, here in connecticut, the legislature voted to get rid of the death penalty last year, but the governor vetoed the bill so the death penalty remains in place. now this case is being viewed as a referendum on the issue and this trial for the first defendant, steven hayes, is expected to last about a month. katie? >> couric: elaine quijano. elaine, thank you. in
anybody, if she got back there with the money. she believes them. >> reporter: the suspect, steven hayes, and his accomplice, took jennifer hawke-petit back home and sexually assaulted her before killing her. they set hire to the house, killing 17-year-old hayley and mikhail la. steven hayes and joshua cam jef ski who is awaiting trial, could get the death penalty. >> the two suspects in the case had offered to plead guilty in exchange for life sentences. but prosecutors want the death penalty. >>> the army has revealed that two people were buried in the wrong graves at arlington national cemetery. and officials are warning there could be similar mixups. the details were revealed during an investigation of bookkeeping. they got thousands of calls by worried families after the investigation was announced. >>> a massive fish kill in louisiana was not becaused by the bp oil spill, according to government investigators. after a huge number of dead fish were found friday, local officials demanded an investigation into a possibly oil spill link. but now, it appears the fish suffocated by low o
invasion/murder trial but not before a prison guard told jurors what he overheard steven hayes, one of the accused, tell another inmate about the murder of jennifer hawke-petit. >>> and speaking out publicly, calling the pastor a monster, we'll hear what else the accuser has to say. to everyone who wants to go to college and everyone who started college but never finished... to late bloomers... full-time moms... and everyone who is good at something but wants to be great. welcome to kaplan university. the university that's changing the face of education... to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees... degrees that can give you a leg up... in a tough job market... in any job market... welcome. welcome to kaplan university. call kaplan university now or visit us on-line to take our free learning assessment. in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched behindtheburner.com. we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web, and via mobile. i even use the web to get paid. with accep
of what came out today during the trial of steven hayes. police say steven hayes on the left here and the accomplice on the right broke into dr. william petit's home in july of 2007. investigators say the two men took the dr. petit's family hostage, raped and strangled his wife, sexually assaulted petit's 11-year-old daughter, tied up their 17-year-old daughter. and then torched the house. with everyone still inside. yesterday, jurors saw surveillance video that investigators say shows hayes buying gasoline that the suspects used to set that house on fire. dr. petit was the only member of his family to survive the attack. imagine his horror today as he was right there in court as all of us learned very disturbing new details about an already sickening crime. the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here. these text messages are awful. >> it's hard t find the words for them, shep. and these were text messages that were exchanged just hours before these horrific crimes took place. steven hayes, one of the accused first texted him saying i'm chomping at the bit to get s
testified in the trial of steven hayes, one of two men accused in the brutal murder of a mother and her two daughters back in 2007. jeff rossen has been monitoring the case. yesterday there was such graphic testimony, the father had to leave the courtroom, just couldn't take it. >> they were showing autopsy pictures of his wife jennifer and his two girls. their bodies burned, their clothes burned. beyond that, it was just gripping, compelling and discuss gustingly detailed testimony about the sexual assaults that happened in the house to his wife and younger daughter, and also ho how they were killed. what's so chilling here beyond all of that is how matter of fact the suspects were about it before the murders and home invasion. back in 2007 the two men, steven haste and joshua -- broke into the etit family home in a small beautiful upscale connecticut suburb. broke in, tied the family up, terrorized them overnight. they said it was supposed to be a robbery. that's steven hayes on your screen. this was supposed to be a robbery, the defense says, that just got out of control. they tortured t
defendants steven hayes accused of murdering them three years ago. the husband and far it was badly beaten but he survived. a corrections officer who testified what he heard steven hayes telling another inmate, stunning testimony that horrified the family sitting in the room. >> reporter: the testimony gave the courtroom an in-depth look at hayes' life in the prison. he has benson continue use observation or suicide watch since the first dave he walked in. then it was a july day in 2008 when he was sitting three feet from hayes that he overheard hayes telling his neighbor about the home invasion, facts that had dr. petit and family grasping their seats, hands to mouth. he did sodomize 11-year-old makayla then poured gas on her. hayes considered it possible dr. petit was in on the crime since he got loose. and he told hayes he had to kill mrs. petit and hayes didn't know if he could. then a statement that hayes said he saw police pull up to the house, then killed her. expert witnesses went through the scene in excruiating detail. the fire investigator inves -- y heard and saw how the blaze
. she is petrified. >> reporter: with good reason. prosecutors say these two men, steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky were terrorizing the family, beating dr. petit with a baseball bat and tying him to this pole in the basement. his two daubters were tied to their beds upstairs, all tortured overnight until the sun came up and the bank opened up. >> they're tied up, she said. she's taking $15,000 out of her credit line. they told her they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back there with the money. she believes them. i think she's walking out now. >> reporter: officers were dispatched to the house but according to police logs were told by their captains not to approach the house and stay back until they could set up a safe perimeter. 30 minutes after that first 911 call, still no ambulances, or fire trucks or emergency teams who could move in. by now, jennifer was back home with the money, her family and the attackers. >> this was a small police department, they very quickly got over their heads. they fell back on their training, but in this particular situation, the training
of tuberculosis. >>> today today william petitt took the stand against steven hayes, one of two parole burglars accused of torturing him and his family in 2007. he was tied up and beaten unconscious with a baseball bat, but one could imagine, that was nothing compared to the pain that he felt when heed of his family's fate. his wife and 11 and 17-year-old daughters killed. two of them sexually assaulted. and his house burned to the ground as well with all three of them inside. nbc's jess rossen has been watching him in connecticut during the trial. i understand a juror has just asked to be excused. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: highly bizarre situation. here we are in day two of the very highly charged, very gruesome murder trial. and the juror tells the judge i don't like the way the prosecution is presenting the case. i'm confused by the exhibits. i want to leave. this video just in. we tried to speak with that juror outside of court. he says he can't keep his oath. he said he can't be fair. so he was excused. now an alternate has been put on a jury. he didn't say much. he said he d
daughter who had been tied to her bed. the suspects, steven hayes who is now on trial, and joshua komisarjevky who will be tried later allegedly set the house on fire and dead. they died tied to a couch and bed. the elder hayley died as she apparently tried to save her sister. bill petit struggled free from the basement where he had been tied up and badly beaten, the sole survivor of his family's nightmare. now he sits in court every day reliving that nightmare, seeking justice and, perhaps, like jennifer petit's sister, trying to understand. >> i honestly cannot imagine any human being doing this. i don't think about him. i just can't imagine that anybody is capable of doing a crime like this. >> the two accused men are being tried separately. steven hayes first in this trial and joshua komisarjevsky will face trial next year. the relatives will go through this next year. it's unlikely they'll get an answer to that question, how anyone would do the sort of things that were done to jennifer petit and her two young daughters. jon? >> ghastly. jonathan hunt, thank you. the mayor
into in a neighborhood like this one. >> the 29-year-old alleged mastermind recruited 47-year-old steven hayes with 26 prior convictions for burglary and weapons. family members wonder how the career felons walked the streets. jennifer's sister cindy renn? >> i honestly cannot imagine any human being doing this. and that is all i think. >> graphic images displayed in the trial almost too much to bear as jurors hear how the beasts entered the unlocked door and assaulted his beautiful daughters while they were tied to their bed posts. >> everyone was upset. they are watching these pictures on tv that they are showing and the ones in the newspaper and they are all in tears. >> they watched jennifer's desperate attempt to fulfill a ransom demand, at the same time sounding the alarm to concerned bankers, raising questions to the police response. >> but we have a lady who is in our bank right now, who says that her husband and children are being held at their house, that if the police are told they will kill their children and the husband. >> why didn't the police respond sooner? >> i don't think in questio
/murder trial but not before a prison guard told jurors who he overheard steven hayes one of the accused, tell another inmate about the murder of jennifer hawke-petit. >>> and speaking out publicly, calling the pastor a monster, we'll hear what else the accuser has to say. [ male announcer ] some prescription drugs may lead to constipation. fortunately, there's senokot-s tablets. senokot-s for occasional constipation associated with certain medications. find the relief that's right for you and get a $10 rebate at getconstipationrelief.com. to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] the cts-v, from cadillac. the new standard of the world. >>> crime and punishment tonight, both the prosecution and defense rested their cases today in the connecticut home invasion/murder trial but not before the jury heard more tell. ste
in connecticut today. prosecutors say steven hayes was one of the two men who broke into the pettitte family home in suburban connecticut three years ago, the men are accused of brutally beating the father, dr. william pettitte, before killing his wife and his two young daughters. harris has been working this story from the breaking news desk. what do we know? >> reporter: this crime is so brutal. let me set the stage for you. steven hayes is on trial right now, both he and his accomplice, joshua camiserjetski, the prosecutor said we want the death penalty, we want a shot at that and here's why. the two men are burglar that is broke into the family, the pettitte family, they took the wife and two daughters, 17 and 11 years old, hostage, tieing up the doctor, the dad. they forced the wife to withdraw money from the bank and this is where it just gets brutal. hayes is aaccused of secy assaulting and strangling the wife, kimsetski is aaccused of sexually assaulting the 11-year-old, tieing the two daughters to the bed, tieing them to a bed and setting the house on fire. everybody else, the mom, the 1
in her car with steven hayes. the bank manager describes the vehicle to the police. officers are dispatched to the house to set up a perimeter. 9:27 a.m., a police captain tells officers not to approach the house. almost 30 minutes go by. still, not a single officer approaches the petit home. no other authorities are alerted. not the fire department, not state police. in court, police testified that was protocol. in a hostage situation, they said, they don't storm the house. adding they had no reason to believe anyone was in immediate danger. at 9:54 a.m., a police dispatch. dr. william petit who would turn out to be the only survivor of this horrific crime was in the yard calling for help. he was bleeding badly from his head, his ankles still tied. by now, nearly 40 minutes had passed since the bank manager had warned chesh irpliz about the nightmare unfolding in the family home. they would soon learn jennifer hawke-petit had been strangled, she and one of her daughters, sexually assaulted. in chilling testimony dr. petit described how he had been beaten with a baseball bat,
lengthy interrogation of this man, steven hayes, as one of the men facing charges that could bring the death penalty. we learned about the key moment when jennifer hawke-petit was forced to withdraw $15,000 from her bank account, her family being held hostage at the time at home. a moment that led to this 911 call by a bank teller. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now, who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. the people are in a car outside the bank. she's getting $15,000 to bring out to them. that if the police are told, they will kill her children and the husband. her name is jennifer petit, p-e-t-i-t. she lives at [ bleep ]. she says they are being very nice. they have their faces covered. she is petrified. >> randi kaye has new details from court today. we finally learned the alleged motive behind this horrific crime. >> we sure did, anderson. chilling details. what we now know after years of waiting is this crime may have taken place because one of the suspects, steven hayes, was, quote, desperate for money. according to a connecticut pol
a prison guard told jurors who he overheard steven hayes one of the accused, tell another inmate about the murder of jennifer hawke-petit. >>> and speaking out publicly, calling the pastor a monster, we'll hear what else the accuser has to say. sure i'd like to diversify my workforce, i just wish that all of the important information was gathered together in one place. [ printer whirs ] done. ♪ thanks. do you work here? not yet. from tax info to debunking myths, the field guide to evolving your workforce has everything you need. download it now at thinkbeyondthelabel.com. f@@ has everything you need. in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched behindtheburner.com. we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web, and via mobile. i even use the web to get paid. with acceptpay from american express open, we now invoice advertisers and receive payments digitally. and i get paid on average three weeks faster. booming is never looking for a check in the mail. because it's already i
of the suspects, steven hayes, seen here. much of the testimony in his trial is so disturbing we have chosen not to report all of the details here. prosecutor say the two men are responsible for a night of rape and murder that left a mother and her two daughters dead and the girl's father barely alive. laura ingle was inside the courtroom in new haven, connecticut, today. the court heard from forensic experts, i know. tell us what they said. >> good evening, those experts were able to talk about how they tested the d.n.a. samples taken from the victims. we're talking about blood, saliva, and see men and match them directly to the suspects in this case. prosecutors allege that steven hayes sexually assaulted the mother jennifer hawk pettit before strangling her with his hands. joshua majewski who is expected to face trial next year is accused assaulting 11-year-old pettit before helping hayes light the house on fire. all three were killed in this attack. jurors heard from a fire marshal today that testified that an accelerant like gasoline was poured directly on to the pettit daughters as the
at the two suspects right there. steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky. they should be going to get dinner the way they were talking. are we still going to do this thing? and joshua komisarjevsky said, i'm putting my kid to bed, hold your horses. these are two guys that were about to kill a family, admittedly. >> let's just quickly lay out what happened for folks who need to be reminded in this situation. they go into this house. >> they go into this house, middle of the night, 2007. they break in and say it was a robbery, that was the original motive. they tie up the family, that's dr. william petit and his wife jennifer hwke-petit. there is the family picture. later on jennifer and the two kids were killed and william petit was the only survivor. tied them up all night, wait until morning and they drive jennifer hawke-petit to the bank of america, there's the surveillance video. she's going in there and withdrawals $15,000 to pay the ransom to these two men. these two men were telling her, we'll untie your family and get out of here. she takes out the money and gets back home and pays th
. by 957, a house was on fire. the suspects, steven hayes and joshua sarkozy escaped. by the time officers got inside, it was too late. the girls and mrs. pettitte were dead. dr. pettitte once the death penalty if convicted. ? it was so heinous and there were so many aggregating -- aggravating factors that these two individuals deserve to die. >> it leaves the question of why they did not enter the house immediately. >> some federal tour guides are calling -- are crying foul over having to take a test before giving tours. >> and more pressure over the tax cuts being extended before they expire. >> a convicted sex offender may be hiding in these woods and police want your help in finding him. >> and people from the american public universities are still here to have you. butz you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., on your side. >> an announcement on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. >> police say man shot a doctor at johns hopkins hospital this morning in baltimore after receiving bad news about his mother's health. he then shot his mother, taking her life before ta
. >>> an >>> and here are some stories to watch today on abc news. the trial of steven hayes begins in connecticut. hayes was a paroled burglar back in 2007 when he was arrested and charged with a triple homicide during a home invasion. that crime rocked a small town in connecticut. >>> the queen of daytime tv, oprah winfrey, begins her 25th and final season today. the oprah winfrey show, her first guest of the season, actor john travolta. >>> and the final of the men's u.s. open will be completed in queens after being postponed due to rain sunday. number one seeded rafael nadal takes on the number 3 seeded novak djokovic. should be a great match. >> 4:00 eastern time. >> you're ready. >> i figured it out. watch it. >> right. >>> finally, a kinder, gentler rock experience, if you can pay the fierce price. >> concert promoters are luring spectators to what was once a very gritty experience by offering some vip treatment. as dan harris reports, no one would call it hard rock. ♪ >> reporter: at woodstock people put up with mud, rain, and general misery. fast forward 41 years to lollapallooza, the t
, robin. that detective said steven hayes was, quote, flat and quiet that day. but what he had to say in the hours after the crime, was absolutely horrific. detective anthony guglioni, relived steven hayes' testimony. he said hayes told him he and his accomplice, joshua komisarjevsky had become friends at a halfway house. desperate for money, they had a plan. hay beat dr. william petit with a bat. they tied up his wife and daughters. and things quickly spun out of control. a bank book showed the petits had $30,000 in an account. so, hayes took jennifer to withdraw cash. she can be seen in this bank surveillance video. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now. who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. >> reporter: hayes stopped at a gas station. and filled up containers of gasoline. the attendant also testified wednesday. >> my skin crawls. i feel nothing but disgust about the whole situation. >> reporter: while hayes was out, komisarjevsky was supposed to put the family in the car. then, the pair would burn down the house. instead, he sexual assaulted
look at troubling images and chilling 911 calls in the trial of steven hayes, one of two men accused of murdering a mother and her children. these are the last images of jennifer hawke-petit it alive. this newly released bank surveillance video ticks off the final moments of a horrific crime. petit withdraws $15,000, nervously explaining to the teller she and her family are being held hostage and the money is for ransom. a bank manager called 911. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now, who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. she is petrified. >> reporter: petit got the money and left the bank at 9:22. >> they told us they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back there with the money. she believed them. >> reporter: at 9:26 police in unmarked cars to the petits' house. officers are told to block off the street but not to approach. almost 30 minutes later, at 9:54, a badly injured william petit manages to escape to a neighbor's house and a second 911 call is made. >> i got bill petit here, who's hurt, my neighbor. >> he's at your house? >> yes, he's
invasion that left the mother and two daughters dead. steven hayes charged in the murder of a mother and her two daughters. the only survivor dr. william petit who is attending the trial every day. harris faulkner is watching the trial. >> reporter: they are back in court today after the judge fell ill last week. it has been explosive in the courtroom today with shocking details about what detectives found. a state police sergeant on the stand, and just moments ago we are getting word that he has told the courtroom that they found a pink backpack, and this case could really hinge on this evidence they found in the pickup truck of the suspect steven hayes, and of course his alleged accomplice who has yet to go on trial. the pink backpack with the initials hep. police say it stands for the name of 17-year-old victim hailey elizabeth petit. they found a cellphone belonging to the younger daughter. just to refresh everybody's memory these two young tkpweurpls along with their mom were beaten, tied up, killed. the younger girl and the mom sexually assaulted, the house set on fire. the fat
by steven hayes. hayes quickly recounted how things got, quote, out of control. >> this is very powerful testimony. because these are the words of the defendant himself. as to the savagery that these two imposed on this family. >> reporter: hayes told police that accomplice joshua comosarjevski. he began beating petit. and there was blood all over the place. petit spoke. >> oorpghtd painful day for the petit and hawkins family. >> reporter: it was the explanation of the rapes that was most chilling. hayes said he escorted jennifer hawk-petit to the bank, where she withdrew $15,000. and when she return said, the other suspect had already sexually assaulted 11-year-old michaela. and he told him to, quote, have sex with the mother to square things up. she was later strangled to death. >> hayes was trying to point to the codefendant and say he was the bad guy. he was the worst one. >> reporter: jurors saw surveillance video of hayes purchasing gas that prosecutors say was used to set the house on fire, trying to cover up the act. he found soot in michaela's voice box, airways and lungs, show
knows they'll leave after they get the money. >> reporter: suspects joshua and steven hayes did leave. but only police say after allegedly strangling and raping mrs. hawkes-petit and their children. husband michael petit was beaten and tied up in the basement before the house was set on fire. he escaped. the only survivor. nagging questions remain about whether police could have stormed the house and saved the family. >> it is tempting to at least raise questions about the behavior of the police. because they were there, and didn't enter while the victims were still alive. >> reporter: a radio log shows patrols notified at 9:26 a.m. about 20 minutes later a call to set up a perimeter before phoning the house. ten more minutes pass, and the suspects bolt. the house is on fire. police call for an ambulance and fire truck. more than a half hour after the first call. security expert tom ruskin defends the small 49-man force, but in hindsight says -- >> you have to take the house immediately. if you knew what you knew today, what was going on then, first officers probably as quickly as the
't crying were extremely somber. >> reporter: the attorney for steven hayes admits his client's role in the crime in hopes of escaping the death penalty. a family's house once stood in this memorial garden where questions about whether two alleged killers could have been stopped sooner. susan candiotti, cnn, cheshire, connecticut. >> both suspects in the petit murders are convicted felons who were on parole at the time. why did the board release men who might be capable of such a brutal time? connecticut representative mike lawler is a professor of criminal justice at the university of new haven. mike, thanks for joining us. you know this case from front to back. were you outraged when you first learned that these men were on parole? >> well, it's not just that they were on parole. it's the fact that there was information that the parole board and the department of corrections should have had that would have changed the decision-making here. this is a classic case of the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. since that time, there's been a lot of changes. but in retros
detective gave a gripping account of a confession given by defendant steven hayes. hayes accounted how things quickly got, quote, out of control. >> this is very powerful testimony. because these are the words of the defendant himself as to the savagery that these two imposed on this family. >> hayes told police that joshua sarcojeffski broke through the door and beat william petit with a baseball bat. quote, the man began screaming and there was blood all over the place. >> there was a tough day for the family. i think everyone saw that who listened to the testimony. >> reporter: it was the explanation of the rapes that was most chilling. hayes said he escoarlted jennifer hawk-petit to the bank where she withdrew $15,000. and when they returned, the other suspect had already sexually assaulted 11-year-old michaela. and he told hayes to, quote, have sex with the mother to settle things up. >> hayes is trying to point to his codefendant ask say, he was the bad guy. he was the worst one. >> reporter: jurors saw video of hayes purchasing gas that prosecutors say used to set the house on f
was set on fire. her husband, a doctor, william pettitte, was beaten but survived. steven hayes and joshua are charged in the case. at their trial yesterday, questions centered on whether police could have done more to save the family. >>> fairfax county police are looking for a man who tried to rob a woman as she sat in her car at a traffic light. some are wondering if it is connected to a high profile murder in the same area. vanessa pham was found stabbed to death in h vehicle last month. the vehicle was in a ditch off gallows road. it happened not far away. pat collins isn virginia with more on this. >> reporter: it is a bizarre attempted robbery on lee highway. is it somehow linked to the murder of vanessa pham? no, say pice. but -- woman robbed while sitting in traffic. ordinarily cops say they wouldn't talk about an attempted crime like this. but because it happen close by the vanessa pham murder scene, they're talking. and showing sketces of the suspect just in case. >> now this goes back to september 8th, 4:30 in the afternoon. lee highwa aoman stopped at a red light. a man two ca
petitt. the key here is will this deft steven hayes get the death penalty or not? he offered to plead guilty if prosecutors took the death penalty off the table. prosecutors said no, that's how airtight they believe their case is. he and another man allegedly broke into the home three years ago in a suburban upscale neighborhood here in krthd. middle of the night the family was sleeping. tortured them. led them to a bank to take out $15,000. ended up killing them and burned their house down. on the stand today the lone survivor told in his testimony, told the jury the defendant said if he gives them what yo want we won't hurt you. i may have yelled out hey, and then a voice yelled back at him saying don't worry. it's all going to be over in a couple of minutes. in fact, prosecutors have said that that the testimony that the jury will hear, the audience will hear in this case, will rock your inner core because of what this man went through. he said he was tied up by his wrist an inkels. his family was being tortured and killed in another room. he could do nothing about it. >> i got a n
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